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The ambition of ‘ECO CITY’ is to supply these developments for a large degree by Renewable Energy - solar water heaters, windturbines and biogas plants. Hardly any fossile fuels should be used for transportations - ‘ECO CITY’ aims to realize a selfsustaining energy-system with a minimum of CO2 emmission.

To guarantee a proper installation, usage and maintenance of the RE equipment in the first phase, the project team will run a testcase within the infrastructure of the existing Sekem farm in Belbeis.

The second stage implies setting up a complete training center for the newest and most advanced technologies in the environmental and renewable energy sector at the Belbeis Farm. The target group includes workers, technicians and engineers.

The sketch design comprises the main guidelines for the urban layout, infrastructure, services, position of functions and phasing of the ‘Eco-City’ masterplan.

The basic concept foresees two fields of densification, two focal points where production, housing, education, culture and tourism are situated.
The surfaces for wind- and solarenergy are concentrated inbetween the two settlements. Following the soft curve of the street mounting up the hill, the outline of the settlement resembles a crescent moon.

The two agglomerations have different characters.
The ‘farm’ has an open, representative appearance and accommodates the public and business functions.
The ‘village’ has a more private character and integrates housing and tourism.
The polarity of the two settlements is reflected by the different topographic conditions of the plain and the hilltop.

‘ECO CITY’S’ masterplan foresees a mere brick construction for its buildings with relatively small perforations for ventilation and lighting, without the use of reinforced concrete. 50 mm thick walls span the 4 x 4 m spaces with arches, vaults and domes to provide sufficient ceiling heights for optimal climate conditions in the desert.
Together with the use of Renewable Energies this construction method constitutes the basis for the sustainable development of ‘ECO CITY’.


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