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morePlatz was founded in 2007 in Rotterdam. The office is a continuation of a longterm collaboration of Caro Baumann and Johannes Schele on architectural-, art- and urban planning projects.

As architects and urban planners we work on the spatial quality of the built environment. Our work improves existing situations, activates undiscovered potentials and enriches the city with new programs.

Our expertise is based on the working experience we gathered at international offices in the Netherlands, as project leaders of innovative, exceptional projects and concepts in architeture and urban planning. The design approach is influenced by team work, flexibility, process and dynamics.

Since 2007 we realized a number of projects in Germany and the Netherlands - the Cafeteria of the visitor center Hans Eisenmann Haus, the exhibition architecture for the 'Future of Tradition' at the Haus der Kunst in Munich, the refurbishments of the notary house 'Vendu' in Rotterdam and of the Goethe Institute in Amsterdam.

Lately we participated successfully in competitions in various international collaborations for housing and office buildings. In 2014 we won the Hafenspitze Zollhafen in Mainz and in 2016 the Hamburg Innovation Port together with MVRDV. Both projects are in development.

In collaboration with OZ architects we participated in the housing competition for Munich Freiham.

Since 2011 we are present in Germany. In 2016 morePlatz moved to Berlin.
In the meantime the two office buildings - 'ZigZag' in Mainz and 'HIP one' in Hamburg - have been completed, and the building permit for the second phase of the Hamburg Innovation Port is submitted.

We are currently working on a residential development in Berlin Mitte and on an office and residential building in Harburg. In parallel, numerous urban planning competitions have been elaborated and several art projects have emerged.



RGB – ‘Raum, Geld, Bauen’ instead of ‘Red, Green, Blue’

RGB – ‘millions of colors’ – is an additive color model in which the three primary colors Red, Green and Blue are added together in various ways to reproduce an almost limitless amount of colors. We transfer the idea of this model and its possibilities to the world of architectural projects. ‘RGB’ means then the three interrelating main players in architecture and urban planning - Raum, Geld, Bauen [Space, Money, Building]

Raum – is the site and the general context of a project. Geld – represents the ‘market’ investment budget costs, and profit. Bauen – is the hardware of a project, the built result.

The statement of ‘RGB’ is that Space Money and Building have to form a balanced constellation in each project. At the same time ‘RGB’ contains – just as in the color code – all the possible nuances and thus maximum individuality for each project. Financial aspects are as important for the realisation of a project as spatial or material qualities. In the case of predominance of one of the factors it becomes either an uninspired profit-oriented ‘building-business project’ or a building of bad and unsustainable quality or it will end up as only paper architecture.

We use ‘RGB’ as a simple grafic tool to describe and emphasize a logical argumentation for architectural qualities in a building project. Importantly, this model shows the interrelations of each involved party – and it expresses the intention and the ambition of a project in a convincing way.

Caro Baumann

1991 architectural studies at the Technical University Munich
1993 internship at Auer+Weber, Munich
1994 internship at Dominique Perrault, Berlin
1998 diploma at the architectural faculty TUM
1999 architect at .NL Architects, Amsterdam
2003 architect at De Architecten Cie,
2004 project leader at Neutelings + Riedijk Architecten, Rotterdam
2006 senior architect at Office for Metropolitan Architecture, Beijing
2007 project architect at Kcap, Rotterdam
since 2007 director at moreplatz
2008 teaching at Academie van Bouwkunst Rotterdam
since 2016 morePlatz Berlin

Johannes Schele

1993-99 studies of architecture at TU Munich
1996 founded ‘more platz ag.’
2000 diploma at TUM
2001 moved to NL
2000 architect at Exilhäuser, Pfaffing
2001/2002 architect at klok architecture & urbanism, Amsterdam
2002 architect at Urs Primas, Zürich
2003/2004 architect at Bosch Architects,
2004/2007 project leader at MVRDV,
2008 teaching at Academie van Bouwkunst Rotterdam
2011 teaching at Ohm Universität, Nürnberg
since 2007 director at moreplatz
since 2016 living in Berlin


Marta Koziol
Daniel Delfin Goncalvez
Onur Atay
Arnold van Ouwerkerk
Michel Zethof
Freddie Slot
Dennis Holten
Stephan Boon
Christianne Schets
Kasper Zoet
Fatemeh Moaiyeri
Konstantina Karampini
Bruno Pereira
Sebastian Mayer
Christoph Hanisch
Daniel Seeleitner
Lisa Schwab
Martin Muc
Etienne Mercier
Leonie Hartung
Alexandra Boehm
David Gras
Huong Nguyen
Olaf Nowak
Theo Osterhage
David Gothe
Nils Ewen

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