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The existing situation of the three cascading spaces with slight height differences, a direct visual connection and a straight stair to the upper floor is in principle maintained and adjusted for an optimal customer flow.

The basic profile of the shelves - the horizontal side board and the 'chamfered zone' is translated into two standard sizes with altering depth: A 'normal' shelf of 30 cm and a shallow version for the 'cover display'.

The combination of both prototypes creates an optimized corner detail that continuously folds around each corner, column and wall recess and maximizes the total shelf length to a 1000 m.

The horizontal sideboards can be pulled out and serve as seating zone during lectures. The void in the upper part of the shelves accommodates the shaft for data and electricity cables.
The necessary ceiling slit for tolerances and montage is indirectly lit and visually enhances the concept of the continuous fold.

The main measurements follow the facade division - the shelves in front of the windows are left blank in the upper part to provide natural lighting. The lighting concept additionally foresees flexible halogen down lights that are mounted on an continuously curved track to be easily adjusted according to spatial rearrangements.

Horizontal surfaces are kept neutral and homogeneous, the painted concrete ceiling stays uncovered. Instead of the existing carpet a durable epoxy floor is proposed. All shelves are laminated white, the edges and the signage boards are accentuated in aluminum silver. The top part covering the shaft is openable and made from light maple wood.

The execution is conceived in two phases that allows a continuation of the sales during construction.


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