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invited urban design planning competition, 1st phase
Urban design for a residential project of ca. 1.200 units plus retail and daycare facilities.

Apart from the concrete competition brief the location is an especially interesting place in itself, which should be considered in a broader perspective. In North-South direction it is situated inbetween two very different, almost contrary areas of the city; and in East-West direction it is fitted inbetween two very much different types of open space or landscape. At present it is a gap in the otherwise built-up front of the eastern edge of the city, and it is functioning as a safety distance between the suburban family houses of Trudering and the large scale urban blocks of Neuperlach from the 70ies - whereas in Trudering space is privatized to the maximum, in Neuperlach large spaces are left over between the blocks, mostly public, however undefiined and not in usage.



The adjacent open space to the West is formed by the overdimensioned profile of Ständlerstrasse, a freeway running in a slight dip, which could be remodeled today. It could be reconnected with the existing and new neighborhoods in an appropriate way. Now the freeway terminates abruptly in a T-crossing 3,0 meter below the actual site - remnants of a giant traffic engineering project of the 70ies which never got realized and today presents a poor situation as well spatially as in terms of traffic. The need to connect the new neighborhood with the circulation network of Neuperlach offers a historic chance: re-evaluate the development and current status of this situation, and adjust it to the actual requirements with a new routing and improved connections. Furthermore the reduced and reasonably connected Ständlerstrasse opens up enough space in the valley for a new park w/ lake - space for a new concept: 'suburban repair' !



ca. 1.200 dwellings (91.000 m2);
plus retail & 2 daycare centers
ca. 10 ha private und public space w/ sports facilities

concept urban design: morePlatz
landscape: bauchplan, München

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